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Ya know, I gotta take a step aside from the usual Vodou Blog stuff, and pay all of you a really, really big compliment. I like you. ;)

I get amazing volumes of email with incredibly well thought out and intelligent questions, and Im just plain impressed. ;) I am still a little sad to be missing the comments from the pages before the Great Crash, but what’s happened in just the last few days is a wonderful blooming of new people adding to the already great stream of fabulous questions. I wish more people would discuss them in the comments so we can all discuss them publically, but I gotta say Im pleased as punch!

Ive been a member for a bunch of years of a whole lot of different egroups, yahoo groups, facebook things… and usually they’re sort of centered around a single person who browbeats their audience and following with announcements of how many years of experience they have, blah blah blah… thte way they treat people is shameful. They’ll be nice as long as the party line is towed, but the moment a user goes out of line or asks something actually challenging, their either kicked out of the sandbox or publically humiliated. I *never* want to be that… and Ill tell you why.

You’re going to laugh at me, but its the truth.

There’s a bakery here in Boston callled ‘Flour’… 3 of them, a small chain. UTTERLY FABULOUS (seriously, if you live around here and havent had one of their cinnamon buns, you are totally missing out) but the secret Im thinking of isnt the bakery itself; its the owner, Joanne Chang, and her cookbook.

Yes; a cookbook.

In it, Joanne’s greatest strength is that she doesnt talk down to you… not at all. Never mind that this woman is a genius, and MBA, utterly professional and AMAZINGLY skilled; no… never mind also that for years she was the pastry chef at some of Boston’s absolute finest restaurants, crafting some devastatingly good carbs…. no. She writes (and speaks) as though she’s one of your best friends; an equal, who just happens to speciallize in baking. She writes as though you had just picked up the phone to say “Hi, Joanne… got a question; how do you get your frosting so perfect?” and your friend gave you an honest answer.

THAT’s what I want to be; not the “Keeper of All Things Vodou” like all too many web and email hosts, but just another guy, a friendly one, who just happens to be a Houngan who can guide you through your dealings with a faith he loves to talk about and share. Ya know?

And I gotta say I AM SO HAPPY with this blog and the people on it! You guys reallly do deserve a pat on the back for wonderful questions and wonderful points that let me know you get it. That’s what matters, right there, and Im just ecstatic. ;)

Thank you guys… I really like you. ;)


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  1. Avatar July 26th, 2011 at 2:38 am Anonymous Says:

    Like you too.Very much <3

  2. Avatar July 30th, 2011 at 12:44 am Karl Says:

    You’re too awseome :-)

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