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So, Im trying something NEW… a novel approach to community building that so far is looking like a wildly fun ride. ;) I call it Crowdsurfing, similar to the rock concert folks who will jump from the edge of the stage to be carried along by the crowd as the music pumps… only this is the Vodou version; a new way to work with the community towards putting us all ahead. Lemme explain what’s up, and you’ll see why this is a wonderfully fun time in the making.

Im teaming up with two local friends here in Kansas City (I dont remember if I wrote about moving or if it’s still getting worked on as a draft… but if it’s not up, I’ll fill y’all in on that) to open a store/ritual space/healing center/community center representing our different traditions; Ames is a traditional southern conjure man, Julie is an initiate of a Vodou house from New Orleans (Sallie Ann Glassman’s house! ;-) ) and, of course, your friendly neighbourhood Houngan doin’ his traditionalist Haitian Vodou services, classes, readings, and assorted goodness.

What’s different about this approach is that Im trying it via crowd-sourcing; if you havent heard about crowd-sourcing, it’s pretty darned cool. Crowd-sourcing is a new-ish way of fundraising for business projects through sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo (the one we’re using) where participants kick in a little bit at a time, rewarded with different gifts called “perks” that change based on donation level, and at the end of the whole campaign the collective money raised goes towards it’s intended goal.

Using the same idea, we’re running an Indiegogo campaign to raise funds for our shop idea :) Its small; unlike many large projects, we’re only asking for a total of $8,000 (we have all the furniture, and a large percentage of our inventory and retail items are things we make ourselves already… but we do need things like a business infrastructure, register, and wholesale inventory both for retail and supply.)

This is our campaign link ;) : GOOD LUCK! A Kansas City Conjure Shop

There’s a lot on there that should be familiar to regular readers here, in terms of the perk levels…. please check it out; if you can give, fantastic! Every little piece helps and there is no such thing as too small a donation… but, if money’s tight, please share the link to those you might know who may be interested (facebook is fantastic for this, or twitter, or any way you can imagine …. right now, getting it out there and passing it around is worth more than gold, and would make me very much honored to have you as a reader. ;) Not that Im not anyway… but you know what I mean. )

From now until the end of the campaign (May 8th, I think) ALL sales from here are being added into the campaign total, from readings to lamps and pakets. If this succeeds the way we’d like it to, we’ll have a wonderful space in the Heart of the USA, a new place from which to offer classes (in person AND webcast! Ive gotten a bunch of requests for webcasts and I think that’s a fine idea!), offer ceremony and treatment, and…. AND, the big and, bring our traditions of Vodou, NOLA Voodoo, and Southern Conjure out of the shadows and into a public space led by initiates and public workers; this, to me, is the most important aspect of the whole project.

Please check out the link; if you’re moved to give, you are a saint to me. ;) If you’re moved to share so that others can check out what we’re doing, even more so. If you’ve found my blog helpful, or received good information or assistance from me, please consider helping me bring my work into a brick and mortar/physical world location beyond my working basement temple at home. ;)

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Vodou Boston is a teaching blog as well as a look inside the life of a mostly average city guy who just happens to be a Houngan Asogwe of Haitian Vodou.

My name’s Houngan Matt… my initiatory name and title is Bozanfe Bo Oungan Daguimin Minfort, pitit Antiola Bo Manbo, pitit Selide Bo Manbo, pitit LaMerci Bo Manbo… and so on into time. Im a Houngan Asogwe serving at home in Kansas City and in my spiritual mother’s temple in Boston (and Jacmel, Haiti)… our House is called Sosyete Nago, in honor of the Nago Nation of lwa. Im a typical Bostonian-turned-Midwesterner with a few extra dimensions to his world (tell me, how many Bostonians do you know who serve African and Haitian ancestral spirits through the lens of Haitian Vodou? Actually… more than you may know.)

This is a no holds barred blog; Im not one to limit myself in fear of what you’re going to think. Be prepared for a blog where noone’s gonna pull any punches, and you and I will get along just fine.

I can always be reached at Houngan @ VodouBoston . com for any questions, setting appointments for readings or work, or even just social mail; I am here to serve YOU, and YOU are what is important to me. No person and no question is too small.

Look for me on Facebook, too! Bozanfe Bon Oungan is my username

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