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Hey everybody! ;)

It’s been a while since there’s been an update here, for which I wholeheartedly apologize… things have been wonderfully busy, and there’s a bunch of absolutely wonderful news; your friendly neighbourhood Houngan has opened a rather fabulous (if I do say so myself) Vodou/Hoodoo/Conjure shop with a few friends (now wonderful coworkers) out here in Kansas City ;) (yes… “the little houngan on the prairie” has become a reality, with a fantastic shop and space to offer small services that dont require the full House.)

You may have noticed, also, that for the time being some of the sale links here on the blog are down (especially the readings and the pakets/lamps); those will be updated shortly, but for the time being check out our store’s website www.KCConjure.com for all the goodies ;)

More updates and goodies will be coming soon… but a lot of energy has been going into getting the new shop opened and getting classes and inventory settled ;) Check it out and let me know what you think!



(HM’s note… ok, so after writing this post I just fixed the links that were busted here just in case… blog.vodouboston.com’s shopping functionality’s back, but definitely check out the new shop anyway ;) )


Little Secrets, or a Little Window to Mystery


Its not really a secret at all, actually, but one of those things that only happens when you open your eyes at the right angle… like those little mystery pictures that only show what they are when you’re not focused on them, every once in a while little pieces and little chunks of the Vodou cosmology fall into place and give you little revelations.

And sometimes, not so little revelations. Read the rest of this entry »

Animal Sacrifice; a right not necessarily guaranteed




Omimelli’s blog is WORTH FOLLOWING; she is a Santera/Palero and writes predominantly from a Santeria and Palo perspective (two faiths that I am not involved in and so am personally unable to comment on; interested members should direct questions directly to her through her blog) and in this post raises very pertinent issues about animal sacrifice and the treatment of animals.

The US Supreme Court case City of Hialeah, Florida vs. Temple of the Lukumi Babalu Aye decided the rights of sacrificial religions in the United States, but rights are not permanent and are subject to reworkings or removal based on current attitudes and societal mores… recent issues in the news have brought this again to the fore, and I believe it to be an issue that needs knowledge. There is no excuse for being ignorant of the law and ignorant of your rights.

Check out her blog post, and let me know what you think! This is an issue that we as Vodouisants face as well.

-Houngan Matt



Ya know, I gotta take a step aside from the usual Vodou Blog stuff, and pay all of you a really, really big compliment. I like you. ;)

I get amazing volumes of email with incredibly well thought out and intelligent questions, and Im just plain impressed. ;) I am still a little sad to be missing the comments from the pages before the Great Crash, but what’s happened in just the last few days is a wonderful blooming of new people adding to the already great stream of fabulous questions. I wish more people would discuss them in the comments so we can all discuss them publically, but I gotta say Im pleased as punch!

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My House on the Radio


This is an older post, originally made before the Great Site Crash of July, but I love it enough to put it back where it belongs.

Last November, we had a special guest at our Fete Ghede celebration (a Vodou holiday honoring the souls of the Dead) who interviewed several house members and created a lovely small photo essay for WBUR, Boston’s local NPR affiliate.
Here’s the link: http://radioboston.wbur.org/2010/11/09/voodoo

Click on the “Listen Now” tab to hear the radio spot!


An Inter-Blog Response, for Kenaz Filan


(and some commenters on the page http://kenazfilan.blogspot.com/2011/07/spell-books-and-spell-kits-for-matt.html … my response was WAY too long to post as one comment, so Im doing it here and in pieces over there.  Kenaz’s blog is worth reading anyway, but this particular installment is a back and forth that references a post I made here; welcome to meta blogging. ;-)  )

Thanks! ;)  Ive been waiting for this. ;)

You and I have butted heads before, but its always been at least polite; you have a differing viewpoint than I do, but we’re also both in a place where we uncerstand there’s differing ways to do things.

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Vodou Cosmology: A little look into Vodou’s complexities and publically available information


So… lets take a brief moment to step a little deeper into some Vodou cosmology; We’ve touched a bit on GOD, and are inching ever closer to talking about the Spirits who form the core of what we do… but we’ve got a little bit left in the idea of Lies-to-Children to cover to help make some of this make a little more sense… let’s look at a little of the available common information, some of the pitfalls it entails, and show a touch more of how deep and branched the rabbit hole can be before we really start getting into some deep nitty gritty… lets take off the training wheels, shall we?

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A Vodou Cosmology: GOD


IMPORTANT NOTE: different African traditional or diasporic religions have vastly different cosmologies and ideologies; that’s a good deal of why they are different religions and why, time upon time, those of us who are clergy in any of them remind our students to NOT attempt blending them. Different faiths have different creation stories, different metaphysics, different ideas…. and they stay different and distinct for a reason. No single one of us claims to be the sole arbiter of THE WAY THINGS ARE ™, but when it comes to adapting a traditionalist paradigm, it is always best to embrace the actual instead of trying to cobble together pieces from disparate sources… as these are each complete traditions with complete worldviews that deal with specific powers who may find your behaviour abhorrent and rude should you choose to not follow the traditional ways they themselves have handed to us.

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Vodou Boston is a teaching blog as well as a look inside the life of a mostly average city guy who just happens to be a Houngan Asogwe of Haitian Vodou.

My name’s Houngan Matt… my initiatory name and title is Bozanfe Bo Oungan Daguimin Minfort, pitit Antiola Bo Manbo, pitit Selide Bo Manbo, pitit LaMerci Bo Manbo… and so on into time. Im a Houngan Asogwe serving at home in Kansas City and in my spiritual mother’s temple in Boston (and Jacmel, Haiti)… our House is called Sosyete Nago, in honor of the Nago Nation of lwa. Im a typical Bostonian-turned-Midwesterner with a few extra dimensions to his world (tell me, how many Bostonians do you know who serve African and Haitian ancestral spirits through the lens of Haitian Vodou? Actually… more than you may know.)

This is a no holds barred blog; Im not one to limit myself in fear of what you’re going to think. Be prepared for a blog where noone’s gonna pull any punches, and you and I will get along just fine.

I can always be reached at Houngan @ VodouBoston . com for any questions, setting appointments for readings or work, or even just social mail; I am here to serve YOU, and YOU are what is important to me. No person and no question is too small.

Look for me on Facebook, too! Bozanfe Bon Oungan is my username

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