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Vodou Bath Magic


First things first…. yeah, Im gonna give you a couple recipes and an explanation of how some of these things function, but its grain-of-salt time; these things, made by you, will be good for their purpose but will NOT be as strong as those made by initiated hands… take these as basic and starter level, but DONT take them as a substitute for work from an initiated priest/ess when you need that work done. While these are GOOD BATHS, these are flyswatters in comparison to the tactical nuke an initiate has in their hands.

Also, dont make these for others; keep these for yourself, and if someone asks you about them please send them here, directly to me, or to another Vodou initiate… again, these work, and they do well, but this is all about explanation and NOT about power… the hands of an initiate will always make a stronger bath or work product than those of a non-initiate; we call it “heat” (other similar traditions use the word Ache/Ashe/Axe to mean a similar principle of power given/ramped up as a result of the initiations… keep that in mind.)

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Vodou Homework: The PLEDGE


So… this is the first time Ive done this, but I think its a perfect thing to get us started in a slightly different format as far as Basic Vodou Lessons go; a new category for Vodou Homework assignments.

These are things I want you to physically do; they’re designed to deepen the connection between YOU and your spirits, putting more power and control into your hands (where it BELONGS! ;-) )

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Vodou Boston is a teaching blog as well as a look inside the life of a mostly average city guy who just happens to be a Houngan Asogwe of Haitian Vodou.

My name’s Houngan Matt… my initiatory name and title is Bozanfe Bo Oungan Daguimin Minfort, pitit Antiola Bo Manbo, pitit Selide Bo Manbo, pitit LaMerci Bo Manbo… and so on into time. Im a Houngan Asogwe serving at home in Kansas City and in my spiritual mother’s temple in Boston (and Jacmel, Haiti)… our House is called Sosyete Nago, in honor of the Nago Nation of lwa. Im a typical Bostonian-turned-Midwesterner with a few extra dimensions to his world (tell me, how many Bostonians do you know who serve African and Haitian ancestral spirits through the lens of Haitian Vodou? Actually… more than you may know.)

This is a no holds barred blog; Im not one to limit myself in fear of what you’re going to think. Be prepared for a blog where noone’s gonna pull any punches, and you and I will get along just fine.

I can always be reached at Houngan @ VodouBoston . com for any questions, setting appointments for readings or work, or even just social mail; I am here to serve YOU, and YOU are what is important to me. No person and no question is too small.

Look for me on Facebook, too! Bozanfe Bon Oungan is my username

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