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I am empowered, trained, and have the authority to do readings, spiritual work, spiritual counselling, and teach. I work both on my own also backed up by an incredibly powerful and efficient House. As I am sure you are no doubt already familliar, there are a few rules and common guidelines to hiring out a Vodou priest for spiritual consultation and for performance of spiritual work on your behalf.

  • Law requires the statement that all readings and performed works are “for entertainment purposes only”
  • No Houngan or Manbo can promise or guarantee success; we are not GOD. We have leverage with the spirits due to our initiation and our training, but good ethics demands the reminder that there are simply some things we are not meant to have. GOD and the spirits provide for us and they do help us when we ask, but we cannot understand the Will of GOD or attempt to circumvent it. Some things, no matter how we try to batter at them with work and ritual, will not change.
  • I DO NOT perform work that is designed to cause malice or harm; justice is a different matter, but when you ask for justice YOU must make sure that it is truly just and reasonable. My house is one that has promised our spirits we will not work to spread evil or create harm; through those vows we have gained more strength and power to perform positive and just works. This is not a flexible area… the spirits are certainly capable of bringing about justice and defending those they love, but it is defense. They are not to be used as attack dogs.
  • For that reason, please know that while *I* can probably be lied to, the spirits that I work with know more about what’s going on than I do, and have no problems telling me directly if I am being deceived. THEY will know if you are telling me it’s defense when in reality you are choosing to cause harm to an innocent. As much as I love working with and on behalf of others, my relationship to my spirits is a great deal more important to me than my relationship with the work you may be commissioning me to perform.
  • Houngans and Mambos can and do perform treatments and dispense advice about illnesses and physical ailments. We, however, do not work at cross purposes to the modern medical industry and our work should not EVER be taken as anything other than a combination effort with your Doctor should there be instances of needing medical care. This is important; I can (and do) work to boost treatments for such illnesses as Cancer, HIV/AIDS, Alzheimers, and other debilitating and or life threatening conditions… BUT I CANNOT CURE THEM ON MY OWN. No Houngan or Mambo is capable of making such a promise. We will gladly work with you for your health and the health of your loved ones, but we are priests and not medical staff. Our word and our work is not to be taken in place of medical treatment, especially in dire instances. We want you to live; taking your money and making false promises doesnt help you or those you care about to survive. SEEK A DOCTOR FIRST, and *then* come to me or another priest/practitioner. Let us work to boost treatment and help you be successful, but be wary; many practitioners do not have my sense of ethics. If you catch them telling you that they can cure Cancer or AIDS, RUN the other way… preferably towards a Doctor.
  • When you pay me, you pay me for my time, my training, and my expertise; just as I would gladly pay a computer programmer, a lawyer, a landscape designer… we seek out professionals for their expertise, and we pay them for their time. Magic is not for sale; when you purchase a working, you are paying me to perform this work on your behalf. Supplies can sometimes be inexpensive, and can sometimes have a higher cost; many things I do have on hand, but sometimes I will need to purchase something special to help tip the balance in your favor. ALL of those costs will be explained up front, before you agree to pay for a working. *I view practitioners who come out of the blue, telling you that it will cost more to complete the work you have commissioned, as fraudulent and in breach of contract.*
  • For that reason, my work is not *overpriced*. I admit, some things ARE expensive to perform, but it is in neither my or your best interest to be talking in terms of over inflated prices. My time is valuable, but so is your money. If I quote a price that seems too high for you to be comforable paying, PLEASE ask me if there are options that might cost less… know that they might not be as strong as the best case scenario, but I will work with you to make sure your much needed work doesnt get in the way of your much needed rent, bills, and basic needs of food and shelter. ;)
  • I take PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR/PRIDE IN MY WORK; if you choose to commission me for a project, please expect that we will be talking on the phone or at least through a lengthy email exchange FIRST. I want to make sure that I tailor my work to what YOU want and need, and it takes good communication to do that.  Typically, a reading is required before all work is performed… if you know you have a request for work, please purchase a reading so we can go over what options we have, what spirits are involved, and if we have their permission to go forward with your work.
  • Please also be advised that the reading may indicate that work is not in your best interest; a “No” response from the spirits means I will not be able to perform that work on your behalf. It’s rare, but if they tell me no and I pass that on to you, no amount of money is gonna change that. ;) We may have to ask them if there’s a different way or a different solution, and we may get a “go ahead” after that, but my duty is to be honest with you. In the rare instance that a case is hopeless and they let me know that, I cannot accept your money for work that we know will go nowhere.
  • Lastly, CLEAR COMMUNICATION IS KEY ;-) Make sure I know what it is you want *before* we begin the work… hence all the communication, phonecall or email. I want to make sure you are not only happy with the services you have received, but that you get what you need and want. Remember that I am here to serve YOU; I may offer advice or steer you towards options that are better for you, but YOU are the important part of that equation! Talk to me; I need to know what you need and want so that I can serve you to the best of my ability.


The sub-pages linked below explain some of the work I can perform for you.

READINGS: http://blog.vodouboston.com/magic-consultations-and-work/readings/

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“Hiring Houngan Matt”

  1. Avatar July 24th, 2011 at 3:07 am Sonali Says:

    I’d like to know more about the readings and the workings that you offer.

  2. Avatar July 25th, 2011 at 1:17 am Houngan Matt Says:

    Sonali: Send me an email if you have any questions. ;)
    Houngan @ VodouBoston . com

  3. Avatar June 12th, 2012 at 4:34 am Jason Jefferson Says:

    I have so many questions, but I’m still formulating what to ask. I’ve recently been awakened and am looking for spiritual guidance. I’m stumbling around and now have met you. This is how our paths have crossed. I’m looking for love on OKCupid and met Mary. We haven’t met physically, just have crossed paths and talked briefly. Here is a snippet of our convo:

    “…do you happen to know any locals who practice New Orleans Vodou and would be willing to speak to an extremely curious seeker?

    Hm…I don’t know of anyone who’s a local practitioner, but my house sister Liz is from New orleans and knows an awful lot about NO Vodou, but she is learning Haitian Vodou in the traditional style. She might be willing to speak to you, but I also recommend you get a reading from a qualified priest or priestess to see what spirits you should be working with. Check out my house brother’s page blog.vodouboston.org; his name is Matt and he does phone readings.

    Could you help me?


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Vodou Boston is a teaching blog as well as a look inside the life of a mostly average city guy who just happens to be a Houngan Asogwe of Haitian Vodou.

My name’s Houngan Matt… my initiatory name and title is Bozanfe Bo Oungan Daguimin Minfort, pitit Antiola Bo Manbo, pitit Selide Bo Manbo, pitit LaMerci Bo Manbo… and so on into time. Im a Houngan Asogwe serving at home in Kansas City and in my spiritual mother’s temple in Boston (and Jacmel, Haiti)… our House is called Sosyete Nago, in honor of the Nago Nation of lwa. Im a typical Bostonian-turned-Midwesterner with a few extra dimensions to his world (tell me, how many Bostonians do you know who serve African and Haitian ancestral spirits through the lens of Haitian Vodou? Actually… more than you may know.)

This is a no holds barred blog; Im not one to limit myself in fear of what you’re going to think. Be prepared for a blog where noone’s gonna pull any punches, and you and I will get along just fine.

I can always be reached at Houngan @ VodouBoston . com for any questions, setting appointments for readings or work, or even just social mail; I am here to serve YOU, and YOU are what is important to me. No person and no question is too small.

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