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A working Houngan WORKS! ;-) Wanga is our word for a spell or a ritual action, usually bound into a physical object that you get to possess/place on your altars to allow them to work for you.

Vodou is unique in possessing a specific form of spell working called a Wanga, or a Wanga Paket (for the form I present here). These are a special bundle of secrets, decorated in beautiful plumes of feathers, satins, ribbons, and sequins… holding powerful secrets inside them, tied and bound to work for you in the manner you choose. A Wanga paket is not a one time ‘spell’, rather it emanates/radiates a special effect for the person who owns it, granting them what they want or making their workings in that department significantly stronger than they can be without.

The below list is just a partial list of what Paket such as these are often made for; if you’d like to order one, send me an email at Houngan @ Vodou Boston . com (remove all the spaces) to let me know what kind of work you would like accomplished.

I am empowered and trained to make all these and more:

*Health and Healing

*Love (attraction and popularity)

*Love and Relationships (drawing)

*Love and Relationships (sustaining in harmony)

*Peace in the Home

*Wealth (drawing)

*Protection (strength and courage)

*Protection (defense and banishing)

*Luck (Road Opener/new beginnings)

*Luck (Gambling/games of chance)

*Luck (overall good luck)

*Luck (Guardian Angel/travel and safety)

Simple Wanga Paket – $55.00/US currency (+$10.00 shipping)


These also come in a special HOT form, with different secrets inside that make them significantly more powerful… I wanted to be able to offer both, which both work but do so in different ways. For a gentle working (which is strong in its own way; these arent limited, they’re just basic) select the option above. For the greatly boosted form, select the option below.

HOT Wanga Paket – $121.00/US currency (+$10.00 shipping)



Paket Kongo/Pwen, on the other hand, are a lwa in themselves; these are the hard installs, an item that once it becomes a part of your working altar provides a direct physical place for that spirit to work through/work for you. These are deep initiate secrets, but when purchased and installed *give* you direct access to the spirit that the paket represents (whether you had them in your inherited court or not; if you do, the spirit is able to me significantly stronger for you in the way they work… if not, this puts the lwa in question on the list of spirits you *have*, who will work for you when you serve them. These items are, in essence, the big guns. Yes, these are expensive; no, they cannot be made in a less powerful form, these are a hard install of a spirit into your spiritual court)

Im empowered to make these for the lwa of my community; the list below is partial and only contains the most commonly sought spirits for Pwen such as these; if you do not see your desired spirit listed below, shoot me an email at Houngan @ Vodou Boston . com (with all the spaces removed) and let me know who you’re looking for.

The notes in parentheses are NOT the limit of what these spirits can do; they are merely some of that spirit’s characteristic strengths. Remember; any spirit can do anything for you… they just each have their special ways of working.

Legba – (Everyone ‘has’ Legba, but a paket tightens that bond and makes it much, much stronger. Legba opens all doors and begins all things)

Loko – (The Father of all initiates, non-initiates would really only seek him out to guide them to the perfect Vodou house or temple for them)

Ayizan – (In addition to being the Mother of all initiates, Ayizan is the Marketplace Woman – ideal for women in business)

Damballah – (PEACE and prosperity/riches;healing, immense power, not to be used in violence or in the presence of smoke, blood, or alcohol)

Bossou – (CHARGES through everything in his path; Bossou is known for being unstoppable in his work when he gets going)

Dayila – (Among other things, Metwes Dayila is known for aiding studies/education – a phenominal resource for students)

Ezili Freda – (Ahh… the Beautiful One, Mistress of Love and above all Perfection, Dreams, Wealth, and the ability to bring better things to pass. Easily one of Vodou’s best known and most beloved spirits, Freda is known for her delicacy as well as her immense power)

Agwe – (Naval/Navy members and enlisted men/women, travel, riches of the Sea)

LaSirene – (Beauty, seductiveness, vocal talent and singers/actors, Dreams and psychic awareness, the immense wealth of the riches of the Sea)

Azaka Mede/Kouzen Zaka – (the MASTER of agriculture and the garden, Zaka is a WORK spirit… Zaka LOVES to work and get things done for you!)

Ogou – (Military and enlisted men and women; Ogou is a staunch defender and guardian. There are many Ogou, some better suited to different kinds of military, from Feray/Batala/Ossange for footsoldiers, combat medics, and command staff, to Panama/Air force men/pilots, Balendjo/Naval officers and marines; in addition, the Ogou are known for being incredibly strong defenders)

Simbi – (depends on the Simbi, but sorcery, herbs, and hot magic are the Simbi’s areas of expertise)

Gran Bwa – (The spirit of the Forests themselves, Gran Bwa knows all the herbs/medicines/poisons of the Woods)

Kafou – (For many reasons, the spirit of the Crossroads is a *must* for serious sorcerors)

Ezili Dantor – (THE guardian of single mothers and their children, and another strong spirit ally for women in business; Dantor is another of our most beloved lwa)

Again, there are MANY more lwa who can have a Paket made/be installed in your home; this list is partial, and if you want a paket but do not see the lwa named above, please send me an email at Houngan @ Vodou Boston . com and we’ll see what we can do. When you order one of these, please send me an email letting me know whose Paket you are ordering, and allow 1 – 2 weeks for manufacture.

LWA Paket/Pwen – $375.00/US currency (+$15.00 shipping)


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